Who the f*ck is Carla

In this book I worked with found photo footage on Internet of the German chancellor Angela Merkel and the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy both leader of the strongest European countries are presenting the political theatre in a unique way. The photo documentations of official events, conferences and meetings are used to present a strong leadership. Unity is the message.  
The photographers position is not more than a storyteller of a history which is not written by him as an independent observer, but written by those who want to keep the public satisfied. By telling a love story, the main characters Merkel and Sarkozy become less important than their habits. Gestures, surroundings and always the same message make them replaceable and can be transferred into nearly every political relationship. The picture is not more than a good organised document of political rituals.

Who the F•ck is Carla
Softcover, 6×9 in, 154 pages
full colour digital print, published 2012.

30 euro ex VAT


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